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Frequently Asked Questions

How many sites can I use the plugin or theme on?

As many as you like. The plugins and themes are GPL licenced so you can use them as often as you like on as many sites as you like.

Do you provide updates to the products?

Yes. All our products are regularly kept up to date. As soon as we are notified about an update, we download it from the developer  and update it on our site.

As long as you have an active subscription or the particular item separately then you will have access to the updates.

Do I get access to any new releases?

Yes. As long as you have an active subscription you will gain access to all our new releases. We bring new products regularly.

If you want us to add any product on the list, let us know.

Are these genuine products?

Yes, absolutely.

We have active subscriptions to the developers of the products featured on our website.

We download from them and redistribute to you as per the GPL license.

How many items can I download?

We have a fair use policy that allows you to download what you need in our pricing page.